Them // Adrien Landre

“I should have stayed in Sudan and died there with a clear conscience instead of living in this world of punishment…” These words are taken from an open letter written by this film’s central figure, Mohammed Gardaya, a 23-year-old Sudanese man who fled the violence of Darfur to claim asylum in Europe.

This film is a metaphor for the refugees' condition. Their lives become a loop, an eternal resumption, an infinite vertigo. Labels such as 'migrant' or 'refugee' systematically reduce people to a monolithic group. It denies any notion of their individuality.

Starring Mohammed Mostafa Gardaya

Written & Directed by Adrien Landre

Produced by Idrissa Hanrot at Dogma Première Heure

Director of Photography - Khalid Mohtaseb

Editor - Matt Osborne
Story Producer - Susan Modaress Tehrani

Colorist - Mikey Rossiter at the Mill New-York
Colorist - Nicolas Gautier at Firm Studio

Line Producer - Yoann Morin

1st Assistant Director - Margaux Bail

Saint George Studio - The Mill - Firm Studio - Schmooze
Post Producers - Bastien Harispe & Kim Phoung
Post production coordinator - Cristina Valdivieso
Additional Editor - Jon Connor

Sound Design – Sylvain Rety at Schmooze

Story translator - Badreddine Jdidou
Arabic Translator - Naheel Bardaweel

Music: Alejandro’s Song from Sicario Soundtrack by Johann Johannsson

1st Assistant Camera - Loup Le Breton
1st Assistant Camera - Victor Pichon
2nd Assistant Camera - Vincent Flornoy
2nd Assistant Camera - Emmanuelle Vivier
2nd Assistant Camera - Gabriella Choueifaty
3rd Assistant Camera - Fabien Domingues
3rd Assistant Camera - Jeanne Martinet

Gaffer - Erwan Cloarec
Best boy #1 - Franck Onouviet
Best boy #1 - Adi Bessac
Grip - Colin Guerre

Pilot - Kevin Conseil
Grip - Sylvain Gabet

Sound Engineer - Camille Gaté

Location Manager - Attia Barrere Le Roy
Assistant Location Manager - Arthur Bailly
Assistant Location Manager - Nicolas Beauvallet
Assistant Location Manager - Romain Bouchard
Assistant Location Manager - Victoria Cirot
Security - Mohammed and Verlain

BAAM - GOOD CHANCE - Corentin Fila - Leonie Pernet - Marie Berg and the Cosmic team - Mathieu Plainfossé - Matias Boucard - Melodie Preel - Clément Arenou - Mark Maborough - Susan Modaress - Emilie Cole - Pauline Vincent - Clement Guilloton - Clarisse Belondrade - Katry Iman

Cristina Valdivieso , Jon Connor and the Sibling International team –
Bastien Harispe, James Sénade, Gregory Tournier, Emilie Lesgourgues Lucas Roubergue and the Saint George Studio team –
Evan Bauer, Thomas Seiler, Elias Nousiopoulos and the Mill New-York and London teams
Matthieu Sibony, Gregoire Gallian, and the Schmooze team
Julien Amiard, Kim Phoung and the Firm Studio team
Antonin Sgambato, Alix Sureda Sanchez, Victor Janin, Vivien Deleuze, and the Pleine Image team
Pascal and the Cargo Montparnasse team

Thank to Nowness for giving us this opportunity.
Nowness Editors: Bunny Kinney & Marley Hansen
Special mention to my devoted friend Zack Spieger for his support.